Celebrate Dental Hygiene Month With These Fun Activities

During Dental Hygiene Month, the importance of children’s oral health is the perfect topic to pair with fun activities for the classroom. We all know kids like games and activities, so it’s a great time to learn & play!

Here a helpful guide to providing activities to help your children learn, both at home as well as in the classroom.

Keeping the Focus on Core Lessons

While there’s much to cover about dental health, there’s three core lessons that you can stick to that will help the most:

  1. Understanding that they have the ability to understand and control the health of their teeth and gums.
  2. Encouraging strong and positive interactions with their dentist, and help them stick to the plans their dentists give them.
  3. Keep the information age appropriate; younger kids need the basics, while older kids need more information

Our Kool Smiles Partners Help Make Dental Health Fun!

Head over to the Kool Smiles Kid’s Club for tons of fun activity sheets to help your kids learn during Dental Hygiene Month, including fun recipes you can make together!

Our partners know the importance education can provide for all children. Because of this, we’ve expanded our help by providing lesson plans to teachers across the country.

Schedule Your Fun Today!

Helping kids develop healthy habits and assisting in the classroom isn’t just for Dental Hygiene Month. Year round we’re available to help your children with the best in care and education.

Call or schedule an appointment online today with our partner dentists to prepare for a brighter future tomorrow!