Foods You Can’t Eat With Braces


Braces, or orthodontic treatments, are the best way to correct any bite, jaw rotation or dental alignment issues that your child may have. They can greatly improve your child’s ability to bite, chew and eat food properly – and smile with confidence. However, maintenance of these braces can be a bit of a challenge for young kids.

Brackets and wires are always prone to getting damaged or dislodged when they are subjected to a great deal of pressure. Here you can learn about all the foods that your child should ideally steer clear of, to keep the braces intact and the treatment undisturbed.


Foods To Avoid When You Have Braces On Your Teeth

You must have heard that you need to avoid all kinds of hard, sticky and crunchy foods when you’ve got braces on – but this instruction may seem a little vague. Which is why we have complied a complete list of things that you should avoid to prevent bracket and wire breakage.


  1. Crunchy foods can bend the wires on braces, loosen bands, and knock off brackets. Some crunchy foods can also get stuck in braces and lead to the development of tooth decay if not cleaned and removed in a timely manner.
    Some crunchy foods that kids with braces should avoid include corn chips, pretzels, nuts, popcorn, tacos, and raw hard vegetables such as carrots and radishes.


  1. Hard foods that are not softened before eating can hurt teeth with braces, especially if they are new or have recently been adjusted. To prevent this unnecessary pain and discomfort, kids should stay away from hard candies, lollipops, candy cane, hard rolls, cookies, and peanut brittle.


  1. Chewy foods can mean disaster for your child’s braces because they can get stuck between the brackets and are very difficult to clean. Children undergoing orthodontic treatments should avoid bagels, beef jerky, pizza, large pieces of meat, and steak.


  1. Foods that require front teeth for biting into, will be difficult to manage with full braces. A great example of these are apples – which should be cut into smaller pieces and then given to kids who have braces. Other examples are corn on the cob, chicken wings, ribs, chicken drumsticks, pears and whole pickles.


  1. Sticky and sugary foods are bad for teeth with or without braces. To keep your braces intact till the end of the treatment, and to keep your mouth healthy in general, try to avoid taffy, bubble gums, caramels, fruit roll-ups, licorice, and gummy bears.


  1. Non-food items should definitely stay out of a mouth with braces. Chewing on these items result in de-bonding of the brackets, and an extra cost of repairing any broken or damaged appliances. Ice cubes, pencils and pens, paper clips, and fingernails should not be bitten on, especially when you have braces.


Allow Us To Help You Protect Your Braces

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