Our Partner Dentists Take Multiple Payment Options


When your child needs dental care and you’re trying to manage a budget, you need a dentist who can work with you, one who accepts multiple payment options. Payment plans help busy parents make sure their children get a great start on a lifetime of good dental habits and pay for it in affordable monthly installments spread out over time, instead of the burden of making a single payment before service is rendered.

Our Kool Smiles partners in general and pediatric dentistry offer affordable services for your entire family, no matter what your income level or insurance status. Many also offer additional methods for payment, such as CareCredit, a healthcare credit card that lets you finance dental services through reasonable monthly payments.

Payment Options for Your Child’s Dental Care

Make sure to ask your child’s dentist office staff about available payment options, such as CareCredit, discount plans, Medicaid and other forms of government insurance, and more.


Many dentists, including many of our partners, accept CareCredit, a credit card that’s designed specifically to help parents and others pay for dental services and other healthcare procedures. You can use your CareCredit account to take care of the fees for your child’s dental care, whether that’s braces, ongoing routine checkups and cleanings, or specialty services. Then you can pay off the account’s balance over time in reasonable monthly installments.

You can finance medical and cosmetic dental procedures through CareCredit. Moreover, a CareCredit account may provide certain benefits over financing your child’s dental care through standard credit cards. For example, most new account holders won’t be charged interest for charges over $200 that can be paid in full before the promotional period of up to 24 months ends.


Dental Discount Programs

Some dental discount plans may be able to help you trim the costs of dental care for your child. Many of these plans are structured like membership programs that offer a standard discount amount off the cost of a specific service of procedure and can help you save money on kids’ dental treatments.

These plans work more like a membership that offers discounts for specific procedures than a traditional medical or dental insurance policy. Unlike those traditional insurance policies, however, discount plans generally won’t cover the cost of services for you, so you’ll have to continue to make monthly payments through some other means.

Government Insurance Plans

If your child or family meet the eligibility criteria, government insurance programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, and TRICARE will also take care of the cost of most pediatric dentistry services and treatments. For example, as long as the dentist deems the treatment or procedure to be medically necessary, Medicaid will fully cover the costs of the dental work involved.

Find out if you’re eligible for Medicaid coverage today.

Speak to a Kool Smiles Team Member About Payment Options

Our Kool Smiles partners are dedicated to delivering affordable, reliable dental care to all children. No matter how you want to pay for your child’s treatment, you’ll find multiple payment options available at most locations. Find a Kool Smiles partner dentist near you and call to schedule an appointment today.



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