Teeth Activities for Kids

Setting a good example of proper brushing and flossing for your kids is important, but oftentimes ‘show and tell’ just does not work for kids. Fun games and having hands-on activities can help them learn faster.

Our Kool Smile Partners offers several fun activities for easy learning that can educate them about their dental hygiene while entertaining as well.

Teach Children About Teeth While Playing

It might be difficult for little kids to realize the value of their teeth. Since kids are busy playing most of the time, it can be quite tough for them to develop routine brushing and flossing habits.

Thankfully, there are various child-friendly activities that you can try which can involve them in learning about dental hygiene. If we invest time with our children and help them learn about their teeth in the form of game, chances are that they will develop life-long habits.

little boy holding activity book and playing

Kitchen Activities to Learn About Teeth

  1. Eggs are a great prop for learning about teeth. You can use them to show how acidic drinks can destroy their teeth.
  2. Yarn and peanut butter can help them learn the otherwise unplayful task of flossing. Demonstrating through games can spark their curiosity about how floss works.
  3. An apple can help explain cavities to small children. Every adult knows that if left uncovered, apples start changing color and become brown. You can use this demonstration to explain your child how a cavity starts and spreads.

Some More Teeth Activities for Children

There’s many activities to help your child learn, such as:

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Learning can be fun, and we can help! Visit our Kool Smile partner dentist to give them these fun lessons. Find your local Kool Smiles partner dentist, or contact us for appointment today!