The Proper Way to Brush Your Kid’s Teeth

The sure way to prevent your kid from getting tooth decay is to educate them early on about the importance of good oral hygiene. That includes through and frequent brushing and flossing, and also regular visits to the dentist for checkup and professional cleaning.

The Proper Way to Brush Your Kid’s Teeth

Taking care of your kid’s oral health should always start at home. Along with professional dental care, good dental hygiene and proper nutrition spells the difference between your kid having a healthy smile and not. The proper way of toothbrushing is as follows:

  • Brushing should last for about two minutes.
  • Brush the biting surface of the teeth, followed by the surfaces that face the cheeks/lips and the tongue.
  • Make sure that the bristles are angled towards the gums, so the plaque under the gums are also removed.

Regular Dental Visits is Also Key

While good oral hygiene and proper nutrition are important, regular trips to the dentist for checkup and cleaning are also needed especially for kids. Bring your kid to the dentist upon the eruption of the first tooth or when he or she turns one, whichever comes first.

Kids who get familiarized with dental visits at a young age tend to be more comfortable undergoing dental treatments, thus helping ensure that they will have a lifetime of healthy smiles ahead.

Scheduling a Dental Appointment for Your Kid

When choosing a dentist to bring your kid to, it is a must to find someone who is experienced when it comes to working with kids. The dentist should put you and your kid at ease by explaining beforehand what the procedure is and what to expect during and after.

Also, find a dental office that accepts insurance. The biggest insurance plans that offer dental coverage for its planholders include Medicaid, TRICARE, and SCHIP. SCHIP stands for State Children’s Health Insurance Program.