What to Do for a Toddler With a Chipped Tooth

Chipping is a common dental problem among toddlers especially with them frequently jumping, biting, and running around. If you’re wondering what to do in case your kid’s tooth gets chipped, the answer is always to bring your kid to the dentist ASAP. Most cases of chipping can be repaired easily.

If the chipping happens in the most inconvenient of times and you can’t go to the dentist right away, don’t fret. Here are some tips on how to manage chipped teeth and increase your kid’s chances for optimum recovery.

Tips for Managing Chipping Accidents

Most chipping accidents are considered relatively minor injuries that don’t usually result in dental pain. However, it is still important to evaluate the extent of the chipping, as it may give a clue as to how severe the injury is overall and if there are bruises and bumps that are causing your kid to hurt.

If the chipping is so extended that it has already affected the tooth pulp, then your kid must be brought to an emergency dentist right away for proper treatment.

Meanwhile, follow these tips to minimize any discomfort for your kid:

    • Stop the bleeding –The first step is always to look inside your kid’s mouth and find the chipped fragment. Depending on the manner of chipping, you may or may not see bleeding. If there’s bleeding, have your kid rinse his or her mouth first, then place a small clean piece of gauze on the area. Ask your kid to keep it in place by biting down or by pressing it onto the bleed.

Retrieve any chipped fragments left in the mouth –These fragments have sharp, jagged edges that may cut the soft tissue, causing more injury. When you’ve gotten rid of the fragments, clean the area. Get a cold compress and place it on your kid’s cheek to help alleviate swelling.

Save the broken fragment – Once the fragments of the chipped tooth are found, keep them in a cup of milk. This helps preserve the fragments in case the dentist finds it possible to reattach the broken parts.

Bring your kid to the nearest dentist – This is always the ideal thing to do, as the dentist is the one most knowledgeable on what to do and which type of treatment is the best for the case. Find a Kool Smiles partner dentist near you!