What to Do with a Chipped Tooth


Teeth are some of the strongest structures in our bodies. Thanks to the enamel that protects every tooth, our teeth are designed to remain strong over many years.


However, every once in a while, our teeth may suffer damages, such as chipping. If you are wondering what to do with a chipped tooth, we give you some quick solutions until you can get to a dentist.

Right After Chipping Your Tooth

If your tooth has just chipped, it’s important to take a sip of water and gargle it around in your mouth, then spit it out. The American Dental Association recommends using warm water, not hot, as it could burn your mouth.


Warm water can help you clean the location of the chipped tooth and help you find the part of the tooth that chipped off. The chipped part of your tooth could fall into your mouth, and you could accidentally swallow it. If you find the missing piece, place it in a plastic bag and bring it to your dentist.


If you taste blood, it’s important to put pressure on the origin of the bleeding. Run a washcloth or another type of compress under running water until it gets cold. Then, rest the cool compress against the tooth that chipped. The coldness will minimize the likelihood that your gums will swell while also stopping the bleeding.


Once the situation is under control, reach out to your dentist.


Some people notice that their tooth has chipped the moment it happens, but other times, people realize they have a chipped tooth days after the fact. No matter which category you fall into, everyone with a chipped tooth should see their dentist as soon as possible.


While you wait to see your dentist, you might experience some sensitivity. If that’s the case, try to avoid eating foods with extreme temperatures. Instead of warm soup and ice cream, consider snacking on soft and neutral foods instead.

Managing the Pain from a Chipped Tooth

Seeing a dentist the same day is ideal, but getting a same-day appointment may not always be possible. If you are unable to see your dentist immediately after chipping your tooth, you might be wondering what you can do in the meantime.


The best short-term solution is to cover your tooth with dental wax. You can buy some at your local drugstore. Take a small piece and rub it between your fingers. Once it becomes soft, place it over the chipped part of your tooth. This will prevent your tooth’s sharp edge from damaging the inside of your mouth.


Avoid chewing with the side of your mouth that the chipped tooth is on, too. The less you use your tooth, the better. Taking acetaminophen to manage pain is advised as well.

Our Partner’s Chipped Tooth Services

Now you know what to do with a chipped tooth, but ensure you see a dentist no matter how small the chip. Call the Kool Smiles partner dentist team at 877-200-2064 or schedule an appointment online. We will tackle that chipped tooth with great care and leave you as good as new!