Family General Dentist

At Kool Smiles, we know that finding a low-cost family dentist is a priority for you. Every family is on a tight budget these days, one that still needs to include quality dental care for children.

Many communities don’t have a family dentist that understands how to care for kids while putting them at ease. That’s why Kool Smiles is truly unique and is becoming the local family general dentist of choice all over America. Our low-cost, family dental clinics are designed to let children have fun and give parents a break when it comes to dental care cost or coverage options.

We accept most forms of payment, including Medicaid, so we can welcome more young patients who need dental care. Kool Smiles proudly accepts Medicaid at every one of our family general dentist locations. And, unlike other practices, we don’t limit the number of Medicaid patients we see. So your family will always have access to a quality, low-cost family general dentist with Kool Smiles.

As your family general dentists, we’ll not only provide excellent care at a low cost during office visits, we’ll also teach your children how to properly brush and floss their teeth between visits to prevent tooth decay. That’s important: Kids with dental health problems can have difficulty eating, sleeping, and paying attention in school. Tooth decay and other dental conditions can worsen over time, leading to costly procedures down the road. Your local family general dentists at Kool Smiles keep your child’s health and your long-term savings in mind with our treatment plans.

Start saving money and protecting your children’s smiles for a lifetime. Call Kool Smiles today to see why we should be your low-cost family general dentist. Call 1-866-GET-KOOL for an appointment now!

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