Kids General Dentist

Kids need a general dentist that understands their needs and makes them feel at ease. So at Kool Smiles, we focus on being a general dentist for kids, not a general dentist that treats kids but focuses on adults.

In order to be a great kids’ general dentist, Kool Smiles creates an atmosphere where children can relax and have fun during appointments. Our waiting rooms are colorful, bright places where kids are allowed to play. We also ensure that we can be your child’s dentist of choice by accepting many different payment options, including Medicaid, and not restricting the number of Medicaid patients we see. As a quality, low-cost kid’s dentist, Kool Smiles keeps your child’s dental needs and your savings in mind.

Every kid needs to learn how to properly brush and floss their teeth between visits. These techniques help children prevent tooth decay, tartar build-up and other dental issues that can lead to more serious, costly dental health problems later on. So your kid’s dentist at Kool Smiles will work with your child and you to demonstrate the right way to take care of teeth and gums. Teaching good oral care saves you money and time down the road – and that’s what a great general dentist for kids should do.

Kool Smiles is the top children’s general dentist in the country because we put our patients and families first. Kids will love our playground games in our waiting rooms. Parents will love the savings and great care their family receives from our experienced children’s dentists. Your child will be happy to be at the dentist for a change, and our pricing and flexible coverage options will make you happy too.

So make Kool Smiles your kid’s general dentist, and find out why so many families are doing the same all over the country. Call 1-866-GET-KOOL for an appointment today!

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