Kool Kids General Dentists

Walk into a Kool Smiles office, and you’ll immediately notice our kid-friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Children are playing games and having fun while waiting for their appointment– because Kool Smiles is a kool kids dental office where all children want to hang out.

We want all of our young patients to feel at home when they’re at the dentist. Our kool kid’s dental office welcomes all children to stop by for a visit. You’ll quickly see why 97% of our patients say they will come back to visit the kool kids dentists at Kool Smiles.

At Kool Smiles, we believe that kool kids dental care should be quality, fun and affordable. We offer Medicaid as a payment option, helping thousands of American families get the best dental care. Our kool kids dental offices all accept Medicaid and never limit the number of Medicaid patients they see. Our flexible policies and children-focused care makes Kool Smiles the kool kid’s dentist for everyone.

Kool Smiles keeps kool kids smiling by teaching them how to take care of their teeth and gums all year long, not just at the dentist’s office. We show each child how to properly brush and floss teeth to prevent nasty problems like tooth decay and tartar build-up, which can cause cavities. As your kool kids dental office, we’ll keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful, and save you money by preventing costly dental work later on. What could be kooler than saving money and having a sparkling smile? That’s the goal of every kool kids dentist at Kool Smiles.

Our kool kid’s dentists at Kool Smiles continuously study the latest dental care techniques for children, so your family will get the best treatment at the best prices. Schedule your kool kids appointment today – call 1-855-223-KOOL!

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