Medicaid Dental

Looking for Medicaid dental provider that makes kids and families feel at home? Come visit Kool Smiles today. We accept Medicaid dental coverage at all of our convenient locations nationwide, and we never limit the number of patients who use Medicaid dental benefits. Best of all, Kool Smiles understands children and lets them have fun at the dentist’s office.

 At Kool Smiles, we provide quality dental care for families with Medicaid dental coverage. Our Medicaid general dentists are experienced and skilled, taking continuous dental education courses and advanced training to stay on top of the latest dental healthcare trends. Excellent dental care fits every family’s budget at Kool Smiles. We can be the Medicaid dental provider you trust for your family’s needs.

Kids love going to the general dentist at Kool Smiles. That’s because our large, fun-filled waiting rooms let children play games, laugh and cut loose as if they’re on the playground. Parents love taking their kids to Kool Smiles too, because we keep our services affordable by accepting Medicaid and many other dental benefits that families need to afford care. It’s our mission at Kool Smiles to provide top dental care to families who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Every young patient at Kool Smiles will receive the best care and feel at home.

By accepting Medicaid dental benefits at every one of our locations, Kool Smiles allows millions of American children to get proper dental care to prevent serious problems like tooth decay. With the Medicaid dental services you receive at Kool Smiles, tooth decay can be prevented or treated early so it doesn’t progress to more serious health problems later on. We teach each patient to properly brush and floss teeth so they can have beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

At Kool Smiles, we welcome every family with Medicaid dental benefits and give them the quality dental care they deserve.  We want to be your family’s Medicaid dental provider too, so call us today at 1-866-GET-KOOL to make an appointment for a beautiful smile!

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