Pediatric Dentists and Outlook

Our pediatric dentists are valuable to the Kool Smiles team, as they are the direct line to our patients! Pediatric dentists must love working with children, our most important patients, from all walks of life and various backgrounds. We aim to provide quality dental care in a compassionate environment. Our teams enjoy serving in the local communities, often times in addition to office hours. We take pride in providing happy, healthy smiles!

Kool Smiles maintains an intense focus on clinical excellence, and take pride that our teams execute the highest standards of care and compliance. We use proprietary software that assists with scheduling, equipment, and maintaining day-to-day operations inside of our dental offices. Our doctors are confident that all our offices ensure the best treatment plans for our patients and that every dentist is working within state rules and regulations. We have x-rays and electronic dental records in all of our locations. All of the insurance, billing, bookkeeping and accounting services are handled by management so that our pediatric dentists can focus on providing the best services to our patients.

We support and encourage continuous training for all of our Pediatric Dentists, both inside and outside of the Kool Smiles office locations. The Surgeon General has reported that dental care remains the primary unmet healthcare need in the United States. A part of the Kool Smiles mission is to provide services for those who may otherwise go without. Poor oral health in children can create lasting problems including poor performance in school, health related issues and troubles eating and sleeping. The career path of a Pediatric Dentist at Kool Smiles blends passion with working for a purpose. Our dentists are hard-working, fun-loving and committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children and their families. They earn a great living while creating happy, healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

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