Smiles For Children

At Kool Smiles, we want to provide excellent dental care to as many patients as possible. Because times are tough for so many families, Kool Smiles proudly accepts Smiles for Children coverage so your family can get the best dental care possible at a price you can afford.

 If you’re looking for Smiles for Children general dentists in your area, come visit us at Kool Smiles. While many area general dentists are not enrolled in the Smiles for Children program, all of our locations accept this coverage and never limit the number of Smiles for Children patients we see.

The Smiles for Children program ensures that all children get the quality dental care they deserve. Kool Smiles is proud to be the Smiles for Children general dentists for so many families, helping kids keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. We teach each child correct dental habits early in life so they can keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong. Each Smiles for Children patient we see will spend time with a trained professional who will show ways to prevent tooth decay and other serious oral health problems.

Tooth decay is a widespread health problem for American kids – it’s even more common than asthma! Tooth decay accounts for 2.5 million days of work lost each year in America and 51 million school hours lost due to time-consuming, costly dental appointments. To prevent tooth decay from hurting your family, come to the Smiles for Children dentists at Kool Smiles today. We’ll show you the proper way to brush and floss teeth to prevent this terrible dental problem now.

Kool Smiles is the Smiles for Children dentist for so many happy families, so join us for a visit soon so we can show you what makes us so successful. At Kool Smiles, kids can play in our fun-filled waiting rooms and have a good time while getting their teeth cleaned.

Call the convenient Smiles for Children general dentists at Kool Smiles today. Make an appointment with us by calling 1-855-223-KOOL!

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