Everything You Need to Know About Getting Braces for Cheap

Have you been looking for cheap braces near you? On average, braces can cost between $5,000–$6,000, but at times may cost as much as $10,000. That’s a lot of money for anyone. But if dental problems that require braces didn’t get corrected early enough, kids may have worse complications in the future. Such complications may eventually cost more than the few dollars spent on braces today.

Oral health is crucial to your child’s overall health and helps to boost self-esteem. Braces help realign crowded, crooked and misaligned teeth, thus preventing dental diseases caused by these different situations.

The cost of braces should not keep you from getting straight teeth for your children. Our partners offer low-cost options on braces for adults and children. Providing flexible payment options for families with or without insurance. Contact one of our partner dentists to learn more about the cost of braces and what to expect, as well as schedule your child’s no-cost Orthodontic consultation.

We Offer Affordable Braces for Your Child

When your dentist or orthodontist recommends braces for your child, it’s only natural to look for the most affordable option.

Many parents (not just you) assume the prices of braces are out of reach for them and their kids. But we know that there are ways families can access low-cost braces for their children. We know because that’s what our partners do, and we have partners near you with options for affordable braces.

How to Pay for Braces at a Kool Smiles Partner Dentist

Don’t pull out your credit card right away to pay for orthodontic treatment. Kool Smiles partners have you and your family in mind when offering a variety of ways to make orthodontics affordable. They know how important your child’s oral health is and want to make getting braces as easy as possible for you. Our partners accept:

  • Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • CHIP and SCHIP
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Most major credit cards
  • CareCredit healthcare credit cards

CareCredit is a flexible option that can help you make smaller payments over time, rather than paying for your braces all at once. Applying for CareCredit is easy and our partners can help you through that process while you’re in the office. This is a great option for families that are looking for orthodontic treatment without using insurance.

If you’re uncertain which option works best for your family, call one of our partner dentists and their friendly team members with help walk you through each one.

Benefits of Getting Braces for Cheap

Braces can be uncomfortable to wear, inconvenient, and expensive but, the benefits they provide in effectively straightening crooked teeth and correcting other dental conditions is without question. By applying constant pressure, braces work to slowly encourage teeth to move into the correct position. Over time, they will realign any affected teeth and correct specific dental conditions to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.
So how are braces put on? This depends on the type of braces you’ll need, but usually brackets will be bonded to your teeth using a special glue. Then a metal wire will be attached to the brackets, which are secured by rubber bands.

It’s typically a quick process and can be completed within an hour or two. The braces themselves, need to be worn for a number of months, possibly over a year depending on your treatment plan. You will also need to complete multiple, regular follow up appointments to make sure your treatment is progressing properly and get your regular checkups as well. Although, this is generally how the process will work, it will vary based on the needs of each patient. For example, adults who are looking for braces, your orthodontist may recommend that you have a deep cleaning or have cavities filled prior to applying your braces. This can add complexity and cost to the process. Which is why it’s important to have an affordable dental plan that works for your family.

The Different Kinds of Braces and How Much They Can Cost

If you’re shopping for cheap braces, you’ll need to understand how different types of braces and their options will increase (or decrease) the final price of your orthodontic treatment.

Depending on the type of braces your child receives, the final cost will vary. Traditional metal braces range in cost from approximately $5,000 without insurance to around $3,000 with insurance. If you decide on different types of braces like clear, lingual, or ceramic braces, the cost can be even greater compared to traditional metal braces. These braces may cost more but, they may offer other benefits to your child. For example, clear braces offer similar results to traditional metal braces but, are less visible and more discreet.

More Details About the Different Types of Braces

Traditional metal braces—These are the most popular type of braces you’ll see and tend to be the least expensive. But they don’t offer other features like being as discreet as clear or ceramic braces.

Clear braces—Patients not comfortable with traditional braces, often want to avoid the metal braces and use something less visible. Not to be confused with clear aligner which look more like a mouthguard and aren’t affixed to your teeth. Clear braces are affixed to your teeth, but the brackets are made from a clear material and sometimes include clear wire braces as well.

Ceramic braces—These work similarly to metal braces but are made of ceramic and can blend in with your teeth more easily, making them less visible to others. They are also more expensive than traditional metal braces, and patients need to be aware that certain foods and drinks can cause staining to the ceramic (like coffee or red wine).

Lingual braces—these are also known as “behind the teeth” braces. Often the most expensive and as effective as traditional braces but, are far less visible because they’re affixed to the back of the teeth and not in front.

Depending on the type of braces you choose, the cost will vary. Talk to one of our partner dentists during your no-cost consultation and see what works best for you and your family.

How Do You Know If Your Child Needs Braces?

For parents, it can be difficult to determine if your child needs braces or not. You should make this decision after having a conversation with your family’s orthodontist. They will help you figure out if braces are right for you or your child and can help you decide what types of braces will work best as well.

Can Insurance Help Keep Braces Cheap?

If you have dental insurance, you may be able to find cheap braces near you. Most insurance plans will cover at least a portion of the cost of braces for children under the age of 18. Depending on where you live, Medicaid usually covers anything that is deemed medically necessary. To understand what your insurance will cover, you should contact your insurance provider.

Adults who need braces aren’t typically covered under Medicaid. There are only two states that offer any kind of coverage for adults who need braces so, you’ll probably need to explore a different form of payment. Paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for braces is difficult for most but, if you have major dental issues, it’s best to address those as needed.

If you’re facing this tough decision, contact one of our dental partners near you. They can help you navigate all the different options available.

How to Find a Cheap Orthodontist Near Me for Affordable Braces

We have a network of dental partners that are experienced in providing dental care to all families no matter what their needs are. They offer affordable, high-quality dental care to their communities and they might be right around the corner to you now. Look for a Kool Smiles partner here.

If you need braces cheap, a root canal, or even wisdom teeth removed, our partners can help provide you with affordable orthodontics in your neighborhood.

Benefits of choosing a Kool Smile Kids Club partner:

Our partners accept most insurance including Medicaid, TRICARE, your state’s Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and other state-funded insurance programs for general dentistry.

In some states, our partners also accept Medicaid for braces.
If you have Medicaid and your child medically needs braces, Medicaid might cover the entire cost of their braces.

Our network has over 120 locations nationwide with general dentists who are fully licensed and experienced with working with children and families. They will work with you to help get your child the dental care they need, at a price you can afford.

Kool Smiles Kids Club partners use digital radiography that is integrated to their practice management computer system. This helps them provide you with reliable and safe dental care. Not to mention offering affordable braces to you and your family.

To find a nearby office and learn more about the orthodontic options for your child, affordable braces for adults and even overall dental care, search for a local office here. We can help you find an office to make braces a cheap option for your kids. Schedule your child’s no-cost consultation for braces at a Kool Smiles Kids Club partner office and get braces for cheap!