Why Is My Son’s Tooth Turning Grey

Have you ever found your kid’s tooth turning grey or having weird discolorations? There are many reasons that cause a tooth to discolor, the most common being tooth decay and trauma. As for the other reasons, we’ll discuss more of them in a bit

Needless to say, it is always a good idea to consult your trusted dentist first upon seeing the earliest signs of discoloration on your kid’s teeth.

What Are The Two Types of Tooth Discoloration

Although tooth decay is the usual cause of your kid’s tooth turning grey, there are several other reasons that may lead to discoloration. The first step is determining if the discoloration is internal or external.

1. Internal Discoloration

Internal discoloration is a type of discoloration that results from accident-related injuries. Active kids are most likely to suffer from this, especially those who are involved in sports. As much as 30% of kids aged 7 and below get into an accident that causes their teeth to hit hard objects or surfaces, resulting in the injury of the front teeth among others.

Severe trauma can cause the tooth itself to fracture and/or the blood vessels or nerve supply to get damaged or injured. Either way, the resulting visible discoloration is the necrotic or dead pulp tissue showing through the enamel.

If you kid plays sports, have him or her wear mouthguards to protect the teeth from any possible injury and subsequent internal discoloration.


2. External Discoloration

External discoloration is a type of discoloration brought about by the accumulation of stains on the surface of the tooth. If your kid loves to consume a lot of dark-colored food and beverages, he or she is susceptible to external discoloration of the teeth. The same goes for those who love to consume sticky and sugary foods. Sugar causes the bacteria in the mouth to produce acids that can dissolve the tooth enamel and cause decay. Thus, it is important to encourage your kid to eat healthily and drink water all the time to avoid buildup of stains and plaque that can lead to noticeable staining and tooth decay.

Is Extraction Necessary?

Extraction is not necessary for all cases of discoloration, as many of them can be addressed easily without the need to remove the involved tooth or teeth. For external discoloration caused by stains, professional cleaning and good oral hygiene should suffice. For those brought about by tooth decay, fillings, jacket crowns, or root canal treatment may be recommended depending on the severity.

If the involved tooth is a baby tooth and there’s no damage to the surrounding structures, no treatment is needed and the dentist may suggest to just let it fall off on its own.

What are the Treatment Options for Discolored Teeth?

The treatment options for discolored teeth include:

  • Regular professional cleaning (at least twice a year)
  • Fillings and jacket crowns
  • Veneers
  • Root canal treatment, if needed
  • Teeth Whitening, in-office or home kits
  • Teeth whitening products for home use

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